Welcome to Dar Al Zahraa

The Foundation of Dar Al Zahraa, part of the Relief and Education Association for Male and Female Orphans is a charitable organization that serves in general the community, and specifically orphans and poor people. Thus, its logo is composed of the olive tree, symbolizing benevolence, flowing through the four colors, each of which symbolizes one of the association’s values. The pink color means love, warmth and care. As for the blue color, it means ambition, consciousness, self-awareness and openness to others, which are the goals of educational institutions. Then, the green color means stability and progress under a positive, good and healthy environment; So, these values symbolize specifically the hospital institutions. Finally, the yellow color means happiness, optimism and hope in a bright future; this color has been used as a symbol of the Technical College and the Center for Research and Development.

Our Mission

To do multiple humanitarian activities within the educational, medical and relief concepts in order to achieve societal security, alleviation of poverty and deprivation to get to a healthy productive society.Description

Our Vision

Reaching a productive, civilized and healthy society based on well structured humanitarian basics.










In the name of Allah

May God bless you and lightens your path with this precious family to reach your noble humanitarian goals.

In the name of Allah

It was a pleasure to visit this ancient edifice, established by the individual’s help until it became a great edifice in the field of education and health. May God help you to always support this great nation.

In the name of Allah

Prayers and blessings on Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him and all his companions. It was my honor to visit this human edifice and was honored by the hospitality. I like what’s done by the workers to help their brothers and sisters who were forced by war to leave their homes, and I also felt the greatness of what the workers are doing towards orphans who were always smiling. God bless you.

In the name of Allah

In the name of His Eminence the Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Dr. Malek Shaar who honored me to attend this ceremony. I present the sincere congratulations and blessings to this holy work, which is one of the basics of religiousness in our society, the originality of this nation, and which is one of the good keys. Blessed are thsoe who are the key to good and a shutter of evil, all thanks to Dar Al-Zahraa.

In the name of Allah

I met with the brothers in Dar Al Zahraa and the reception was very good and the atmosphere was full and love and tenderness.

In the name of Allah

”God’s hand with the community, strong and determined for the sake of the human being” is the title of the meeting of Dar Al Zahraa and Al Azm Association.In God’s will, this agreement will be a “pioneer” in the field of charity and serving the needy people and the orphans.
Graziella SeifPresident of the International ambassadors Union in the USA
Colonel Ashraf Salah al-Din AtallahThe Military attach of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Dr. Hassan Mahdi Al-BushraWHO representative in Lebanon
Sheikh Muhammad ImamSecretary of Dar Al-Fatwa
Saleh Al-SaraawiKuwaiti Consul in Lebanon
Najib MikatiFormer Lebanese Prime Minister

Trusted Partners Worldwide

Dar Al Zahraa (DAZ) values partnerships as we always seek to expand our affiliations with the leading and biggest entities. We are proud to say we have been given trust by many local, regional and international entities to ensure the delivery of our services.