DAZ Numbers

Service Type

The Orphanage
Orphans and poor children from 3 to 18 years old
Provide shelter and family to combat child displacement and reintegration into the community
Accommodation / Catering / Clothing / Entertainment / Study Support / Psychosocial Support / Care (100% Free)
Ministry of Social Affairs Donors
Secondary Charity
Orphans and the poor for primary and supplementary kindergarten
Fighting ignorance by spreading education to children who have no way to do so
Free Education Free Books Transportation Multiple Educational Programs (100% Free)
Ministry of Social Affairs Donors
Technical University
Orphans and the poor for the age groups 14 to 21 years
Building a productive generation and combating the phenomenon of dropout and unemployment through vocational guidance adapted to the labor market
Free Education & Training Training Courses Lectures Applied Business Nursing Care Hotel Tourism Vocational Education (100% Free)
The Ministry of Social Affairs members of the Assembly donors
The Hospital
Patients of chronic conditions, people with disabilities Children elderly rehabilitation. (All nationalities)
Providing medical services at nominal prices and securing funding for the orphanage
Emergency / Laboratories / Radiology & Echo / Rehabilitation / Hospitalization / Palliative Care (Free / Charity)
Ministry of Health Ministry of National Defense International Committee of the Red Cross Handicap International
31,678 people benefited from the services 1,324 Syrian wounded
Primary Health Care Center
Marginalized / chronic diseases elderly people children orphanages and orphanages employees and their families students and their families (All nationalities)
The provision of primary health care is almost free for those in need, in addition to strengthening the principle of preventive medicine
Outpatient clinics of all specialties Diagnostics / free medicines / vaccination campaigns (Free / Charity)
Young Men's Christian Association - YMCA MSF - Switzerland MSF
18,712 beneficiaries of our services More than 60,000 Syrians displaced
Elderly Care Department
Elderly and homeless persons aged 60 and over
Provide accommodation and medical and psychological care for the elderly
Medical and nursing care, Self support programs, Motor therapy, Active Aging Program, (Free / Charity)
Ministry of Social Affairs
Our services benefited 286 elderly people